Flu Vaccinations

Immunisation is your best protection against Influenza. It is not just a bad cold - it’s serious and can kill. Being fit and healthy will not protect you. Almost everyone will benefit from the protection of an annual influenza vaccine – it helps improve your body’s defence against influenza.


Influenza vaccinations are generally available late March to  June annually. Life Care Consultants can come to you to administer the vaccines at times to suit your company, providing you have at least 25 people each time.

As it takes between 4 days and 2 weeks for the vaccination to give the full protection, it is recommended that you are vaccinated early. Immunisation should be completed annually as the protection diminishes over time and because different strains of the influenza virus are present each year.


We can also supply vouchers for your staff to take to one of our contracted medical centres. This is a good option for those who are not able to be on-site when the vaccinator calls or for companies with less than 25 staff requiring the vaccine.


  • $24.50 + GST per person for on-site vaccinations - minimum charge applies for 25 people.
  • $30.00 + GST per vaccination voucher.


You will need to have a First Aider at each site where the vaccinations are taking place. Your First Aider will need to have a current first aid certificate and be the last person vaccinated.


Although it is often considered to be a minor illness, influenza can have very serious effects. The effect of the illness extends beyond the healthcare system, for example:

  • Family members caring for sick partners or children
  • Potential lost earnings whilst being absent from work
  • Missed school days
  • Inability to meet sporting commitments and enjoy leisure activities

It is estimated that in New Zealand there were 5,650 deaths attributed to influenza from 1980-1992. This is over half the number of deaths resulting from car accidents in the same period. 

Influenza and Common Cold Comparison:

 Influenza  Common Cold
 Illness lasts up to 10 days  Symptoms last 4 - 10 days
 Usually a high fever  High fever is less common
 Shivering attacks  Shivering attacks are rare
 Muscular pains  Infrequent muscular pains
 May be bedridden  
 Headache (may be severe)  Headache less common
 Dry cough may become moist  Cough less severe
 Vomit occasionally  Vomit rarely
 Can suffer complications (pneumonia)  Complications are less frequent
 Vaccine available  No vaccine available

Table sourced from NISG

Flu Vaccination Resources

To view our Flu Vaccination resources click on the relevant link below and a PDF will open.