Workplace Health Assessments

What's Involved?

Our consultant will come to your workplace and meet with each person on a one-to-one basis.

Life Care has health professionals based around New Zealand to provide a true nation wide service. The nationwide service enables comparable reports where one branch can measure themselves against another branch or one business unit against another business unit.

Life Care uses the 'Gold Standard' in electronic assessment and reporting - this ensures safe keeping of health records (no hard copy necessary, unless requested by the client) and the most effective reports to add value to a company's health assessment programme.

The Health Assessment can be anything the client wants - from just a hearing assessment, to a Premium Health Assessment (see below what is included).

For results outside normal ranges, referral letters will be given to participants to take to the relevant health professional for follow up.

Tests Available

Hearing - We test hearing in 8 ranges using an audiometer. This test takes approximately 10 minutes, and needs to be done in a quiet environment.

Vision Screening - Tests include near and far acuity (short and long-sightedness), stereopsis (depth perception), colour vision and peripheral vision. The test takes 5 – 8 minutes using Keystone Vision Screener, Titmus Vision Screener or charts and books.

Lung Function - We use an electronic spirometer to measure lung function by having participants blow into a round tube attached to the spirometer. This will take 3 – 5 minutes.

Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Levels - This involves a small finger prick for each test, using a lancet pen to produce a drop of blood. This will then be tested using our small electronic meters, and takes 2 – 3 minutes per test.

BMI (Body Mass Index) - This is calculated using weight and height measurements. It is a useful assessment tool in identifying risk factors for heart disease and other health related problems.

Blood Pressure - We will use either a small electronic device or the more traditional manual equipment to measure blood pressure. If possible, participants should wear loose clothing so we can put the blood pressure cuff above the elbow.

Musculo-Skeletal Assessment - This is useful in establishing the range of movement the participant is able to complete in order to ensure he/or she will be able to carry out the physical requirements of the position applied for.


Description Duration Cost (GST Incl)
Standard Health Assessment Hearing, vision, lung function and blood pressure. Includes 4 topics in Digital Education.
20 mins $86.25 p.p.
Premium Health Assessment Hearing, Lungs, Vision, BMI, Blood Pressure Blood Glucose and Cholesterol. Includes 6 topics in Digital Education.
30 mins $109.25 p.p.
Corporate Wellness Assessment Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose.
 30 mins $97.75 p.p.
Individual Tests Either hearing, lung function or vision etc.
1 test 10 mins
2 tests 10-15 mins
3 tests 10-20 mins
$51.75 p.p.
$69.00 p.p.
$80.50 p.p.
Pre-employment Medical Check Hearing, vision, lung function, blood pressure, BMI and musculo-skeletal assessment. 45 mins - 1hr $166.75 p.p.

(Site visits may incur a minimum charge for 10 people.)

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