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We started Life Care Consultants for one simple reason: to make a difference where it really matters–to people’s lives. We started out almost 30 years ago offering First Aid training to companies big and small, all-around New Zealand.

And we did make a difference. Our team’s pioneering spirit motivated us to go further, think harder and get closer to our customers than ever before. It meant we could do in a day what others took two to deliver, and the results spoke for themselves. Workers loved attending our courses, managers loved the efficiency, and everyone told us it’s the best training they’ve ever had.

Life Care Consultants

Empowering Kiwis to live well and save lives.

Our Story

Life Care Consultants was founded in 1994 by Janet Brothers when she decided to switch from working in the operating theatre at Waikato Hospital to pursue the option of training First Aid.
Initially this was an American based system, but after the first year, Janet wrote her own course and developed the training materials to go with it, expanding the vision with Richelle Rowe stepping in as the other half of Life Care’s initial management team.

Better Value, Better Education

Business took off quickly. The increased value, cost savings, and lower staff downtime, meant our clients’ staff were better educated and away from their jobs for less time, bringing a measurable benefit to our clients’ businesses. Thirty years later, and Life Care Consultants has grown both in staff numbers and in the services offered. We now employ over 100 staff, including health consultants, occupational therapists, registered nurses, nutritionists, and health care educators.
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Our service range

Life Care Consultants grew its service range from providing high-quality First Aid courses to include additional training services such as Fire Safety training, Mental Health workshops and seminars and First Aid and Health and Safety training for students.
The incredible management team at Life Care has always had the vision of improving wellness in New Zealand through firstly education and then adding health offerings such as Pre-employments, Health Monitoring, Injury Management and Flu Vaccinations presenting to Life Care clients a unique complementary set of services.

Long-term Customers

Many of the first clients from those early days are still Life Care customers now. Long-term customers are something highly valued by the team and what we strive for in every new interaction we have.
In 2023, Life Care brought in Genesis Capital as a partner to support the next phase of growth for the business, with Janet and Richelle stepping into board roles and facilitating a new chapter of growth for the company dedicated to changing Kiwis’ lives for the better.
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