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Got the post-holiday blues?

Post-holiday blues are a very real issue for some.

Getting back into work mode when you’d much rather be sitting on the beach on holiday can be a bigger challenge than you might expect. The blues can decrease your vitality and wellbeing, and leave you with a feeling of general unrest, discomfort or mild depression. And yes, it will cause a drop in productivity.

So what can we do to get back into the groove and start bouncing out of bed again?

  1. Plan your holiday so you have a day or two at home before going back to work. This will help your body clock readjust if you have changed time zones, and it will give you time to start appreciating your home environment again. It’s also a time to get yourself organised again, putting your holiday back in the cupboard with the beach balls.
  2. Resume (or start) your exercise regime. We know exercise releases wonderful endorphins, which will help fight any depression and make you feel great. If you have not done regular exercise for a while, start slow but make it regular. Find something that you enjoy, and keep it up so it becomes second nature, a habit. It is difficult to keep going if you detest it, and it becomes too easy to find excuses not to continue.
  3. Plan things to look forward to. Looking forward is always more uplifting than looking back. Future planning may include your next holiday or a mini break away, or something much smaller: a little pampering for your soul, doing whatever you love, whether it be fishing, a massage or a night out.
  4. Reassess where you are and what you are doing: are these activities the right things to get your headspace to where you want it to be? If they are not moving you towards a goal, do you need to start a course maybe, or pick up an old hobby?
  5. Consider whether you need to put some energy into improving your health and wellbeing. What does this look like? Does it include a healthier diet, regular and sustainable exercise, socialising more or addressing mental health issues?
  6. Ensure you have an inspiring and stimulating work life: it can help you get over the blues and get that spring in your step back. Likewise a good home life can add fun and stability. Are these both in balance?

All of the points above will help combat the post-holiday blues, just choose which of them you’ll do. Now get on and enjoy 2019 before it gets any older!

Over to you.

Janet Brothers.

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