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Having a plan hast its benefits

All our behavioural styles sit somewhere along the spectrum of organisation. Some of us need the comfort of knowing our travel plans down to the last tiny detail, while others are totally relaxed with ‘winging it” as they go.

The same goes for our comfort level with planning and delivering in our professional life. Some of us will think “Oh I must get that done”’ often at the last minute, and others think “I have to get that in my planner or it won’t get done.”

As we know, costs for training and other Health and Safety obligations can add up and cause big dips in our cash flow – and when the need is there, the expenditure at that time may be prohibitive to meeting our obligations. Evening out the expense over a 12-month period, with monthly payments scheduled for work agreed, would ensure compliance and smoother cash-flow management.

We think we’ve come up with a solution: a pre-scheduled Annual Plan.

Our Annual Plan of, say, health assessments, first aid training, mental health education and possibly some fatigue management, all scheduled for the following 12-month period, would also help reduce the admin commitment. Having important training and Health and Safety obligations managed and not ‘off the cuff’ seems sensible.

This concept strategises Health and Safety and will often involve a number of managers who have responsibilities in, say, HR, H&S and Training, rather than the managers working in their own silos. The agreed services would be booked into the annual planner at the commencement and a meeting every quarter would establish progress or the need for further action towards ‘the plan’.

The feedback from clients so far say ‘the plan’ takes away stress as the requirements are identified and planned for well in advance. They say they have more communication with their account manager who moves bookings around to accommodate the workload and at the same time keeping them ‘on track’.

With 12 equal invoices helping with budgeting it’s a ‘no surprises’ concept keeping staff healthy and your business compliant at the same time.

It’s likely our organised plan will suit you and your business, so contact myself or Richelle to discuss your needs in more detail. ri******@li******.nz or 027 423 3676

Now go and get your diary.

Richelle Rowe

General Manager

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