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It can happen anywhere

I’ve been in the health and safety business for many years now and have worked with people in some of the toughest environments. Forestry, construction and meatworks, to name just a few, can be pretty dangerous places if adequate safety controls and first aid procedures are not in place. Lives can be lost in minutes.

I want to share with you an email a team member received recently after delivering first aid training to a freight logistics company. It’s always great to know we make a difference but, more importantly, that a client has made a difference – and saved a man’s life.

Here’s what ‘Tim’ said:

“As a pure stroke of luck (or rather unfortunate coincidence) we had a truck driver arrive at our East Tamaki Depot yesterday afternoon complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. The team there had just gone through their First Aid training with Ashley a week ago, so being well trained and familiar with the warning signs of a potential issue they assessed the driver’s state (flush, sweating, lethargic, complaining of radiating pain from his left arm into his shoulder).

Using the training they had just received they all agreed he looked as if he was having a cardiac event. They quickly jumped into action with one calling emergency services and waiting on the road for them to arrive while the rest of the team got the driver into the office and made him comfortable (loosened clothing around his chest and offered cool water) while they kept him alert until the ambulance arrived.

I truly feel that without the training from Ashley the week before they would not have known what was happening and what to do. Ashley’s ability to get our team to remember their learnings may have just saved a life!”

It’s a wonderful story, and the man involved is recovering well in hospital. Health and safety situations can happen at any time, in any place, not just those perceived as dangerous environments. In fact, you are more likely to help someone you know in a possible cardiac arrest situation than a stranger.

Would you know what to do in an emergency? If not, consider getting trained on one of the many first aid courses offered around the country so you too can be prepared. You might just save a life.

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