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Life Care at the Health & Safety Leaders’ Summit

Life Care is proud to be one of the sponsors at the Health and Safety Leaders’ Summit today and tomorrow at the Ellerslie Events Centre. It’s been an insightful event with discussions covering a range of critical topics. Robyn Bennet, the NZ Institute of Safety Management President, shed light on the trends towards professional regulations, the shortage of qualified practitioners, and the impact of AI tools and software in safety management.

Steve Haszard, CE at Work Safe, shared valuable insights on the importance of engagement, enforcement, and maintaining standards. Additionally, key shifts towards greater simplicity, targeted focus areas, and sector-specific approaches were discussed, with a special focus on forestry, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors.

There’s also anticipation around the forthcoming white paper from WorkSafe, detailing their strategy and measurability metrics.

Being part of these discussions is invaluable. There’s so much to learn about what’s happening in different industries, and it’s a great opportunity to connect with others in the sector.

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