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Fire Safety with Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire poses a significant risk to everyone in the workplace. It spreads incredibly fast and can quickly destroy a business or home.

Generally, workplace fires occur because of inadequate industrial housekeeping or unsafe work practices. Workplaces frequently harbour numerous fire hazards. Adhering to safe work practices can significantly reduce or even eliminate the associated risks.


For Business

4 Hrs

$195 +GST pp

Course Overview

Full course delivered in half day

Available nationwide

On-site training available

Course Content

Our Fire Safety Training covers the following NZQA unit standards:

This course is a mixture of theory and practical experience. The practical component involves the extinguishing of live fire.

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Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Basic Principles Of Fire Science

  • 2-hour course
  • Explain the principles of fire science
  • Introduction to fire suppression
  • Basic principles of the physics of fire

Suppress Fire Using Hand Extinguishers and Fixed Hose Reels

  • 2-hour course
  • Fire classes
  • Fire suppression techniques
  • Select and use hand extinguisher and fixed hose reels to suppress fire

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