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Health and Safety Training

Are your students fully aware of their responsibility to safeguard themselves and others in the workplace?

Health and Safety Training for Schools goes beyond the basics, addressing the specific workplace environments and situations students may encounter. With the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) in effect since April 2016, there’s a growing demand for students entering the workforce to comprehend the HSWA and the role and responsibilities they, as potential employees, bring to their workplaces.


For School

One School Day Hrs

Course Overview

Tailored content for relevance to each group

Special session rate for groups

Interactive “hands-on” activities

Employers are increasingly inquiring about students’ knowledge of HSWA when seeking workplace work experience.

Life Care Consultants has identified six NZQA Workplace Health and Safety Unit standards tailored to equip your students with confidence in any work experience setting. These unit standards are exclusively available to schools, meaning our content, activities, and assessments are student-centric and align with the career pathways, providing valuable entry points to industry-based qualifications.

Arming students with this knowledge provides assurance to businesses collaborating with your school that both the student and their workplace are committed to safety.

Course Content

  • Health and safety training combinations for students
  • Choose any 2-unit standards for one school day Unit Standards n°: 497 – 17593 – 22316 – 17592 – 17594 – 26971
  • Unit Standard n°: 30265 is delivered over one full school day.

(level 1, credits 3)

Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Systems approach to workplace health and safety
  • Hazards definition in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

(level 2, credits 4)

Apply safe work practices in the workplace

  • The principles of workplace safety in a given workplace
  • Safe work practices in a specific workplace
  • NB: Attestation required – must be completed prior and handed in on the day

(level 3, Credits 4)

Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and/or alcohol-related problems in the workplace

  • Drug classifications, offences and penalties regarding the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975
  • Behaviour and protocols when dealing with individuals under the influence of drugs
  • Management of workers with drug and/or alcohol-related problems

(level 3, credits 4)

Identify the causes of back injury and methods to prevent back injuries in the workplace

  • Structure and function of the spine
  • Risk factors for occupational back injury
  • Back care techniques
  • Control measures to reduce the risk of back injury

(level 3, credits 3)

Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace

  • Mechanism of hearing, causes of impairment
  • Sound intensity, hearing comfort zone and the effects of noise on hearing
  • Hearing protection equipment and benefits of using
  • Workplace hearing protection programme requirements

(level 3, credits 3)

Describe factors that contribute to mental health wellbeing and mental health challenges

  • Good mental health
  • Factors that contribute to mental health wellbeing
  • Factors that contribute to mental health challenges

(level 3, credits 8)*

Understanding and applying health and safety risk assessment to a job role

  • Principles of a health and safety risk assessment
  • Health and safety risk assessment applied to a job role following regulatory requirements and industry good practice
    • *This unit is delivered over one full school day

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Students Trained

Our seasoned trainers bring a wealth of experience to create engaging and effective learning experiences for students and school staff alike.


Schools & ECEs

Life Care is proud to have already trained a substantial number of educators, contributing to the safety and well-being of our young learners. Our training programmes are crafted with precision, catering specifically to the needs of Schools and ECE centres.


Thank you for Life Cares delivery to TGC students today. Both presenters were relational and lively and made the learning real-life for our students. Please pass on our compliments and we hope to have them back.

Ann Marie Wilson at Tauranga Girls' College

“On another note, I would just like to say how great your facilitator Keighley Wishart was on this week’s course. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and were very complementary of her teaching. Keighley was lovely and connected well with the students.”

Rachel Palmer at Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

“Great organisation – easy to enrol students. Course content was excellent and well delivered. I particularly appreciate the Health & Safety training combinations (packages) available for delivery in schools – this is a great option to have.’”

Sonya Fitzgerald at Villa Maria College, Christchurch

“Brooke and Lynette are lovely to work with, and great ambassadors of Life Care Consultants.  Course one went well today, and we do it again tomorrow with the other Gateway class. Many thanks from a very happy client.”

Rosie Swinkels at Mt Maunganui College

“When you book a Health and Safety course for your Gateway students you are aiming for the students to connect with the tutor. You want them to feel they can ask questions and gain as much knowledge as possible because you want each and every one of them to be safe out in the workplace. Alan listened to my students and created a great learning environment , which I could tell by the way the students were working each time I popped in. [x 3 visits each day ] Thanks, I will rebook with this company because of you and the effort you made at Trident last week.”

Karen Benge at Trident High School Bay of Plenty

“Our staff found the Life Care first aid training to be enjoyable and thorough. The initial online work was a very effective way to begin the training. We appreciated the straight forward, practical delivery. Time passed quickly because we were learning a lot of information through activities that were engaging and interesting. The trainer was professional and friendly. He facilitated a very beneficial day for us all. Ultimately, we felt a lot more equipped to deal with first aid situations. We will definitely use Life Care again for future first aid training.”

Clifford Wicks at Otari School, Wellington

“Very well organised, good training educators, well run courses, timely results. Absolutely, I would recommend Life Care Consultants to others.”

Jane Thomas at Morrinsville College, Waikato

“Everything runs smoothly – from making the booking to the completion of the course and reporting of results – nothing is too much trouble and students enjoy the courses.”

Raewyn Moore at Massey High School, Auckland