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Life Care Consultants takes over summitt Health in new Plymouth

When we heard that Summitt Health in New Plymouth was looking to sell, we grabbed hold of the opportunity. There are a number of us at Life Care who are proudly Taranaki born and bred, so the acquisition of Summitt Health feels like a great fit.

We saw the acquisition as a chance to have a bigger footprint in Taranaki and to offer both Life Care’s existing Taranaki clients and Summitt Health’s clients more options and preferences to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Over the years when a client has asked ‘Can you do this…?’, the first question we’ve asked ourselves is ‘Does this complement our Core Purpose – “To empower Kiwis to save lives and improve their health?”’

If the answer is yes, we then investigate it further, and as such our product range of training and consulting options has grown to be so much more than our original health assessments.

Life Care has always prided itself on a multi-disciplined team which now includes paramedics, nurses, a company doctor, a doctor of nutrition, nutritionists, teachers and exercise physiologists, ensuring we have the relevant knowledge bank on hand.

This approach gives our clients the required expertise in the wide range of options we offer, and many of our clients appreciate our service as the one stop for the health and training of their staff.

We are excited to be working with both new and existing Taranaki workplaces and to help them improve the health and wellbeing, and therefore the productivity, of their workforce.

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