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First Aid Pre-course Reading & Quiz

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  • Latest Updated June 13, 2024

If you require the unit standards you will need to read the pre-course reading pack. The quiz will help you remember first aid concepts, feel free to discuss the answers with your facilitator at your training session.

Once completed the reading, scroll down to present the quiz below. Look forward to working with you!

First Aid Pre-Course Reading

First aid pre-course reading quiz

In order to meet the NZQA requirements for the minimum hours of training and the award of the unit standards in First Aid, you must complete the online pre-course reading and quiz before attending.

Course Date
The aim of First Aid is to preserve life and prevent harm(Required)
Attending a First Aid course is part of the ‘Chain of Survival’(Required)
Early CPR is a key link of the ‘Chain of Survival’
In any First Aid emergency situation the first priority is to send for help(Required)
In the DRSABCD, the ‘A’ means Ambulance(Required)
CPR should be performed at a ratio of 25:5(Required)
If a casualty is responsive, there is no need to call an ambulance(Required)
Using an AED will increase the chance of survival(Required)
"Always check for a pulse" is another of the ‘General Cares’(Required)
999 is the emergency number in New Zealand(Required)
‘What is your phone number’ is the questions you will be asked by a 111 operator(Required)
When making a 111 call you should not hang up until the operator tells you to(Required)
The letters AED stand for ‘Ambulance Emergency Device’(Required)
Healthy eating and exercise can lower your risk of a Heart Attack(Required)
Stroke cannot be prevented(Required)
Stroke affects all ages(Required)
The NZ Poisons Centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week(Required)
People who have severe allergies should have an Anaphylaxis Management Plan(Required)
Pain in the chest, shoulder or jaw could be a sign of a heart attack(Required)

You can also download a printable version here

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